New work: Tile website

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Tile website.

Pet web design.

  • Tile website
  • Tile website

Above is a website we created for a Tile Shop in Brighton. The client wanted something that was simple and really shown the quality of the products.

We made the website white, aswell as featuring large images to show close ups of the products, aswell as using typography inspired by a typewriter.

Emma was originally a client we created SEO for. We were later asked to create both a website and an e-commerce site combined into one site. When starting the project we first researched other interior designer websites. After this, we also found some templates to use, and Emma chose the one above. Tile website.

We’re a Web Design company in Birmingham, creating quality Design work at an affordable price for over 6 years.Web Designer Northfield.

We can create a range of work, such as: Web Design, Video editing, SEO, Email Design, Social Media management, Logo Design, Book covers, Packaging and more. We’ve worked for a range of clients, such as Harvey Nichols, NHS, Baylis and Harding and Birmingham City University. Tile website.

Tile website.

You can email us at You can call us on 07863244109. There is also a range of different pages available on our website. We hope you enjoy our site. If there’s anything you’d like help with, please contact us.

Finally, if you have any other queries, please feel free to ask us. Aswell as Design work, this website has also been created by us. We hope you like the Interior Designer websites. We’re always looking to make our work better everyday. Thanks for coming to see us. Ecommerce sites.

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