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This is a Fashion blog we created for a Fashion Blogger in London. The client wanted something that was simple, stylish and modern. We created the website aswell as the website for smartphones and tablets.

Fashion blog Design.

Hi there

We’re Fashion blog Design company in Birmingham, creating quality Design work at an affordable price for over 6 years.Web Designer Northfield.

At MG Design we can create a range of work, such as:

Web Design,
Video editing,
Email Design,
Social Media management,
Logo Design,
Book covers,
Packaging and more.

We’ve worked for a range of clients, such as:

Harvey Nichols,
Baylis and Harding,
Birmingham City University. Web Designer Northfield.

Web Designer Northfield

Kind regards,
Fashion blog Design Northfield.

Aswell as Design, we can create a range of services, such as Video editing, Social media management and more. For more details, simply contact us using the details supplied on our Contact page. You can email us at Aswell as emailing you can also call us on 07863244109. There is also a range of different pages available on our website. We hope you enjoy our site.

If there’s anything you’d like help with, please contact us. Many thanks,Matthew. As mentioned earlier, I am a Fashion blogs Designer. We’ve created Web Designer Northfields work for a range of clients such as Harvey Nichols, Style Birmingham, Birmingham City University and more. We’ve also created a range of services such as Powerpoint Design, Email and Ebay Design and more.

I like to make my clients happy, and always intend to create the best work possible. We have many happy clients. You can see their reviews on our review page. If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask us. Aswell as Design work, this website has also been created by us. We hope you like the Web Designer Northfield. We’re always looking to make our work better everyday. Thanks for coming to view our Fashion blog Design. .


  1. Sarah
    30 January 2015

    Great work Matthew. Well done! x

    • matthewgrocott
      30 January 2015

      Thanks Sarah. Means alot 🙂 xx