How to get more clients

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How to get more clients

How to get more clients.

Here at MG Design we always strive to create the best possible products, with the aim of helping our customers to have the most successful business possible. Below are a few tips in how to get more clients:

1) Making sure the site has Google, Twitter& Facebook
A key part of SEO is making sure that you have a Facebook, Google plus and a Twitter page. How to get more clients.

2) Going on your website everyday
This is very good as it shows Google that people are interested in the content. How to get more clients.

3) Bookmarking your site
Something as simple as bookmarking the site on any of your browsers shows Google that people like the site. You can also encourage friends and clients to do the same.

4) Social sharing
Sharing your posts onto your Facebook page. Again, you can also encourage friends and clients etc.

5) Having a blog with original, helpful content
Having a blog is great for your business as it shows your customers that you care about them. It’s also good for your SEO as people are more likely to come back to the site/ spend more time on your website.

6) Writing articles regularly on Facebook, Twitter, aswell as on the website

7) Encouraging friends to like and share the posts

8) Advertising your site as much as possible
Even going onto online forums and free facebook groups talking about your business is great for your business.

9) Recommendations on people’s websites Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc
Having friends/businesses recommending you on their website, Social media etc is also great for your business. A link to your website can also boost your SEO.

10) Leaving a review on Google, Twitter& Facebook
Encouraging your friends/clients to leave a review on your Facebook, Twitter and Google pages is great for your business, aswell as your SEO.

11) Advertising on Twitter and Facebook
If you need any help just let us know!

12) Using Google Adwords/SEO
If you’d like us to set up a Google adwords account/ if you’d like a quote for SEO just let us know

13) Anything else? How to get more clients.
Is there anything else you can think of that would help your/someone else’s business? Let us know in the comment section below.


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